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Visiting Zurich, Switzerland last week, I was inspired by the casual eclectic style of the folks biking there.

Come to find out, there’s a Zurich Cycle Chic, though no photos on the blog of Zurich cyclists…. Not from lack of subjects though, that’s for sure! These are a few of the folks I saw while meandering through the streets of the Kreis 1 district. There were even streetcar tracks all over the place and these folks navigated effortlessly.

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Speaking of custom bikes, I just ran across another bicycle brand that will help you get a bike just the way you want it. RULE Bikes Britannia was recently featured on the catwalks of London’s Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week

Yes, bikes were going down the runway with models. They weren’t being ridden necessarily (that was my first question too) but they had some pretty impressive color schemes on these classy little bikes.

Through their website you can chose from the Elizabeth (women’s) or Horatio (men’s) model, then chose your color scheme  – fenders, chain guard, handlebars, seat, and tires are all selectable – and number of gears, from the base price of £450 (~$770) with free shipping within the UK. I didn’t see where you can get the crazy cool print that matches your speckled pants though….

If you’re not into paying for overseas shipping for a uniquely custom cruiser nor going to the UK anytime soon,there’s Republic Bikes with a similar set-up and an inventive online mix-your-own bike 3-D viewer and great customizing options. Chose from the men’s or women’s version of their Aristotle fixie/mixtie road bike or Dutch-style cruiser as cheap as $399+shipping. You get to pick your tires, rims, housing, crank, chain, mud guards, grips, and even a bell on the dutch-style. They have some pretty great color options, though nothing like catwalk-inspired prints.

Free from shipping charges, don’t underestimate Your Friendly Local Bike Shop. I was surprised to learn that this guy got his fancy styled-out bike at Richardson Bike Mart.

He was cruising up Akard to catch the train downtown yesterday when I chased him down for a photo. Flames come standard with this Rat Fink bike. He self- customized with his personal collection of stickers.


If you’re beginning to get a good idea of just exactly the bike you’d be proud to sport around town, I personally know all 3 of our in-town bike shops can get you hooked up.

Two of the custom bikes at our fashion show were fully crafted by the good folks at Oak Cliff Bicycle Co (who are currently making a custom bike for my sister-blogger here at Cycle Style.)

Custom bike from OCBC

And the craftsmen at Transit Bikes can ensure your ride is as unique as you are, especially if your leaning toward the fixed-gear style. They supplied another one of the showcase bikes at the fashion show.

Custom from Transit Bikes

The stye consultants of Switching Gears also have a great collection of color coordinated pieces to upgrade your ride (and they’ll have even more when they get moved into their new space around the corner.)

So many options between these three shops your decision-making brain area could be thrown in a tail spin. No need to ride an ordinary bike just like anyone else’s. It’s so easy to style-out your bike and really make it you’re own.

I saw the most well-dressed stylish man bicycle-commuting to work downtown yesterday.

Yes, he’s from Dallas, and yes he’ll be at the tweed ride Sunday, though he confessed it seemed a bit silly to go hang out with people who go out of their way, for one day, to dress like he does… but there’s Cliff Fest!

Look at those sockless shoes, those shades! And the basket that matches the handlebars that matches the seat…the Linus really fits his style. He noted that he takes his style inspiration from Neiman Marcus. Of course! Did you see that the latest season incorporates the bicycle as stylish accessory? (Thanks for the tip-off, Chris.)

Click for online Neiman's catalog

More likely, I think, he’s been influenced by the international style captured by the sartorialist.

We participated in Bike to City Hall day this morning.  Individuals rode in from different parts of Dallas, and groups of people rode in with organzied (and safer) rides with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff  and Bike Friendly Knox Henderson.  Union Station was the meeting point.

Once we gathered at Union Station,  we all went as a big group  at 8:00 am to the front of City Hall for a press conference of sorts where Mayor Rawlings, Council members Delia Jasso and Scott Griggs, and Max the “Bike Czar” (great unofficial title!) discussed the continuing efforts to implement the recently approved Bike plan.  All road work that is done on streets identified in the Bike Plan will have to implement the approved changes.  So, if a road is getting re-striped, the workers will have to stripe the new bike lane or sharrows too.  If it’s being repaved, they might have to also expand to include a cycle track.    Over the next few years we should see an increase in bike infrastructure which not only improves quality of life (as we bikers know) but is also beneficial in reducing smog, congestion, and parking problems.

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and Knox Henderson were both recognized for their efforts on behalf of biking in Dallas, and Amanda Popken was recognized for helping organize Bike to City Hall Day.  It was a very fun way to start the day, with great exercise and wonderful people celebrating getting things done.  Now all I want some is some big breakfast tacos.

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I’m in the back workroom of the Oak Cliff Bike Company and just saw this gorgeous old bike. Besides the beautiful patina of time and faded paint, the details are fantastic. Even the wing nuts are above average.

Send us pictures of any beautifully styled bikes you come across while out and about in the city.  We’d love to post them for everyone to enjoy.


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We spent tonight at the State Fair of Texas. The Dallas “Tits Tuesday” group ride and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff both had group rides over to Fair Park.
Turns out, bikes are cool even on the fairway as a coveted prize. Outside, we snapped a shop of this cute lady who is not only sporting a snazzy black and white striped outfit but also had white rims. Nice.




Inevitably, I see the coolest bikes around Dallas – we have this great little funky bike community and I don’t think many people realize that. So I’m starting a new every-so-often series, posting photos of the cool bikes I see around town. I just want to see more chicly dressed folks on these funky bikes now!!


Spotted at the State Fair's opening parade back in the Fall of 2010 - must be a UT fan...


Motorcycle Bike in front of downtown's Central Library


Neighbor's Motorcycle Bike - he said he took the motor out of (really?!)


Chick's Cargo Bike at the Bishop Arts Beer Riot last Sunday


Yes, she brought her homemade brew in it!!


I just really like how homemade rust-&-wood this wagon is. You don't always need $$$ to get what you want! Just a circular saw, chain, wood... and some imagination! (Yes, a man was riding this flaming pink bike!) Love it.

Beautiful Santa Barbara

Beautiful Santa Barbara

Visiting Santa Barbara last weekend, Cycle Chic was on my mind.  It’s a chic hippie town to begin with.  I was surprised, however, to see how few people on bikes were wearing anything more stylist than hippie workout wear (which is pretty typical attire in beachy Santa Barbara even for those not on bikes or working out.)

There were some pretty chic bikes locked up along State St though.

2 fancy bikes spotted on State St

Two of the fancier bikes spotted on State St

Not to mention a cute little dog in a bike basket (love it!)

Biker mutt in a makeshift crate-basket

Biker mutt in a makeshift crate-basket

Even saw a bike in the storefront window at Dear Diary.

Dear Diary Shop Window
Dear Diary shop window

After biking around a bit (albeit on a borrowed bike that frankly needed a good tuneup) I could understand why people have electric bicycles.  The hills along Shoreline Dr are exceptionally steep and go on forever. With my minimal tolerance for biking hills (Dallas is mostly flat), I’d had just about enough of that by the time I reached La Mesa Park.  (Check out the little sign in the photo below warning cyclists that the hill’s steep!  And, yes, there’s a sidewalk and a separate 2-way bike lane, with the car-lanes to the left just out of the shot.  So accommodating!)

Shoreline Dr bike lane - headed to the beach

Shoreline Dr bike lane - headed to the beach

It’s such a beautiful place though, with bike lanes all over, and fairly courteous drivers I’d say (pedestrians do have the right-of-way by law – and there are so many bikers you get accustomed to looking for them.) They even have bike parking at the SBA airport (smiles!)

My question: are they bikes of employees, or day-trip passengers with minimal luggage?…  Either way I loooove this hippie town.

Bike Parking at the Santa Barbara Airport

Bike Parking at the Santa Barbara Airport

Thanks to all the chic cyclists who came out to the Cyclist Census this last Saturday. We had such a blast & hope you did too! (Seriously, cyclists have to be the nicest coolest people to spend an afternoon with.)

We picked our favorite 30 and now it’s up to all of you to vote for the winner. You’ve got until high noon Saturday, and we’ll announce the winner at Main Street Gardens downtown Dallas just before the movie starts at 9pm. Hope to see all the finalists there – we’ve got some some sweet prizes for you all.

Good luck!

Spotted this little beauty at lunch outside Gonzalez on Jefferson – check out the handlebars’ thrifty penny decor. Could definitely pick up groceries in a skirt with this one.

With inspiration from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, visually embracing how urban cycling and style converge in our everyday lives, we began Dallas Cycle Style to promote Dallas cyclists flaunting their style.
Dallas has it's own unique urban culture, with it's funky southern flair, traditional values, obsession with fashion, and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that's made this region great.
Follow our biking adventures and tell us about yours. We'd love to highlight all the great people cycling in our city but we can't be everywhere at once. Hope to meet you soon.

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