Inevitably, I see the coolest bikes around Dallas – we have this great little funky bike community and I don’t think many people realize that. So I’m starting a new every-so-often series, posting photos of the cool bikes I see around town. I just want to see more chicly dressed folks on these funky bikes now!!


Spotted at the State Fair's opening parade back in the Fall of 2010 - must be a UT fan...


Motorcycle Bike in front of downtown's Central Library


Neighbor's Motorcycle Bike - he said he took the motor out of (really?!)


Chick's Cargo Bike at the Bishop Arts Beer Riot last Sunday


Yes, she brought her homemade brew in it!!


I just really like how homemade rust-&-wood this wagon is. You don't always need $$$ to get what you want! Just a circular saw, chain, wood... and some imagination! (Yes, a man was riding this flaming pink bike!) Love it.