Speaking of custom bikes, I just ran across another bicycle brand that will help you get a bike just the way you want it. RULE Bikes Britannia was recently featured on the catwalks of London’s Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week

Yes, bikes were going down the runway with models. They weren’t being ridden necessarily (that was my first question too) but they had some pretty impressive color schemes on these classy little bikes.

Through their website you can chose from the Elizabeth (women’s) or Horatio (men’s) model, then chose your color scheme  – fenders, chain guard, handlebars, seat, and tires are all selectable – and number of gears, from the base price of £450 (~$770) with free shipping within the UK. I didn’t see where you can get the crazy cool print that matches your speckled pants though….

If you’re not into paying for overseas shipping for a uniquely custom cruiser nor going to the UK anytime soon,there’s Republic Bikes with a similar set-up and an inventive online mix-your-own bike 3-D viewer and great customizing options. Chose from the men’s or women’s version of their Aristotle fixie/mixtie road bike or Dutch-style cruiser as cheap as $399+shipping. You get to pick your tires, rims, housing, crank, chain, mud guards, grips, and even a bell on the dutch-style. They have some pretty great color options, though nothing like catwalk-inspired prints.

Free from shipping charges, don’t underestimate Your Friendly Local Bike Shop. I was surprised to learn that this guy got his fancy styled-out bike at Richardson Bike Mart.

He was cruising up Akard to catch the train downtown yesterday when I chased him down for a photo. Flames come standard with this Rat Fink bike. He self- customized with his personal collection of stickers.


If you’re beginning to get a good idea of just exactly the bike you’d be proud to sport around town, I personally know all 3 of our in-town bike shops can get you hooked up.

Two of the custom bikes at our fashion show were fully crafted by the good folks at Oak Cliff Bicycle Co (who are currently making a custom bike for my sister-blogger here at Cycle Style.)

Custom bike from OCBC

And the craftsmen at Transit Bikes can ensure your ride is as unique as you are, especially if your leaning toward the fixed-gear style. They supplied another one of the showcase bikes at the fashion show.

Custom from Transit Bikes

The stye consultants of Switching Gears also have a great collection of color coordinated pieces to upgrade your ride (and they’ll have even more when they get moved into their new space around the corner.)

So many options between these three shops your decision-making brain area could be thrown in a tail spin. No need to ride an ordinary bike just like anyone else’s. It’s so easy to style-out your bike and really make it you’re own.