1870s, Global

Bicycles made from steel arrive on the scene.  People are feeling liberated!


Bikes begin to be relegated to novelty or sport objects.

2006, Copenhagen

The Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles

Mikael Colville-Anderson starts posting photos of fashionable cyclists going about their daily lives in the Bicycle Capital of the World.  People love it – it’s inspirational.  It sparks a worldwide movement bringing biking back to the mainstream as a legitimate form of transportation.  Copenhagen Cycle Chic explicitly aims to “take back the bike culture by showing how the bicycle once again can be an integral, respectable and feasible transport form, free of sports clothes or gear, and how it can play a vital role in increasing the life quality in cities.”

2011, Global

Over 70 Cycle Chic organizations around the world have joined the cycle chic movement, including the growing Cycle Chic Sundays.

2011, Dallas

Dallas rolls up in style. Dallas Cycle Style is born, with a nod to the Cycle Chic movements and a penchant for the extraordinarily Texan style of cycling with your own independent flair. It takes all kinds – we simply celebrate cycling in style.