We participated in Bike to City Hall day this morning.  Individuals rode in from different parts of Dallas, and groups of people rode in with organzied (and safer) rides with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff  and Bike Friendly Knox Henderson.  Union Station was the meeting point.

Once we gathered at Union Station,  we all went as a big group  at 8:00 am to the front of City Hall for a press conference of sorts where Mayor Rawlings, Council members Delia Jasso and Scott Griggs, and Max the “Bike Czar” (great unofficial title!) discussed the continuing efforts to implement the recently approved Bike plan.  All road work that is done on streets identified in the Bike Plan will have to implement the approved changes.  So, if a road is getting re-striped, the workers will have to stripe the new bike lane or sharrows too.  If it’s being repaved, they might have to also expand to include a cycle track.    Over the next few years we should see an increase in bike infrastructure which not only improves quality of life (as we bikers know) but is also beneficial in reducing smog, congestion, and parking problems.

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and Knox Henderson were both recognized for their efforts on behalf of biking in Dallas, and Amanda Popken was recognized for helping organize Bike to City Hall Day.  It was a very fun way to start the day, with great exercise and wonderful people celebrating getting things done.  Now all I want some is some big breakfast tacos.

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