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The annual Cycle Style fashion show and Cyclist Census afterparty on the 27th was a smash hit. Here are some photos of the highlights – and of course, the winners….

2013 Face of Biking in Dallas


Justin, with his 3 kids. Photo credit: his wife!

We looooooove that this year’s winning rep for biking in Dallas is this hip dad who bikes with his kids! Yes!

These are the past faces of biking in Dallas…. 2012, 2011

AND! The runners up:


Dave and Sharon – photo credit: John “Turk”

If you’ve been to a Dallas Critical Mass ride, you’ve probably seen these two. What a great shot of them! They were a ridiculously close second to Justin – by TWO VOTES.


Action shot: Marcy – submitted by her honey, William

Marcy lives here in our home neighborhood of Oak Cliff – though we don’t know her personally yet, we love this photo of her.

2013 Cyclist Census Showcase Favorite Photographer


John “Turk” – an amateur photo of this professional photographer

John “Turk” rocked the Deep Ellum photo station taking our favorite shots of the Census this year. Thanks Turk!! We also gave him a $50 gift certificate to Light Tec to say thanks – and he’s already used it!

It was great seeing some old friends, some familiar faces, and to make even more new friends this year! And to top it all off, we had our very own Dallas cyclists RIDING the runway fashion show:  Jeff, Susan, Dave, Sharon, Chad, Zac, and Kelsie – you guys were amazing.

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Photos by Simon Phoenix and Brandon Schrader

One of our favorite photographers, Chris Curnutt of the amazing Biking in Dallas blog, also took some great shots at the event, posted on their Biking in Dallas Facebook page.

Special thanks again to our sponsors

Anvil logo BicyclesPlusLogo RichardsonBikeMartRozikTransitBikeCoDBW_trial1OCBCswitching gearsLightTec    Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

And to all the folks who participated and helped make this year’s Census and party a success:

Tracy Popken, Erik Glissmann, Zac Lytle, and 42 Real Estate in Deep Ellum.

All the photographers – Simon Phoenix, Elliott Muñoz, Brandon Schrader, and John “Turk”.

Regeared, DJ FlightSchoolNurses, Durty Laundry, Steven Hartzler and his re-purposed bike racks, and Guy Wilson’s custom cruisers and choppers – so glad to have you all there!


Amanda poses with invisible bike as Brandon checks his lighting

We’ve selected our favorite top dozen cyclists who represent the variety of stylish

folks biking the streets of Dallas every day. Now you choose who represents biking in Dallas.

Vote here, on the Cyclist Census page, through Saturday at high noon.  We’ll crown the winners at the bike party next Saturdayday April 27th.

Thanks to everyone who came out to be counted in the census and entered to represent our city’s many faces of biking. We’ll have the rest of the photos uploaded later this week!

Winners receive

Vote Tuesday 4.23.13 through Saturday 4.27.13 at high noon



After Party & Awards

Saturday 4.27.13 8pm, 2526 Main St

Taking the fashion show from the streets to the runway, it’s one night of local beer, bikes and ‘best-of’s, announcing the 2013 Face of Biking in Dallas with photos from the Cyclist Census and a fashion show of Dallas’ own. Join DJ FlightSchoolNurses, ReGeared, Durty Laundry, your favorite local bike shops and all the best folks in Dallas for our Cycle Style show in Deep Ellum.

We’ve got some serious homegrown bicycle style here.

Spokes of thanks to our 2013 sponsors:

Anvil logo BicyclesPlusLogo RichardsonBikeMartRozikTransitBikeCoDBW_trial1OCBCswitching gearsLightTec

Spring has sprung and it’s that time of year again!

If you’d like to be a Cycle Style volunteer at this year’s fashion event or if you have some exceptional bicycle-hanging skills, email dallascyclestyle{at}gmail. We’d love to have you on the team. And for the rest of you, come party with us.


Who will be the 2013 Face of Biking in Dallas?

Cyclist Census

Saturday 4.20.13, 5pm to dusk

Have your photo taken this Saturday 4.20.13, or submit your own photo to be nominated for the 2013 Face of Biking in Dallas. Email a photo of you with your bike, or nominate a friend by submitting their photo to dallascyclestyle [at] by 4.2013.

Visit one (or all!) of the photographers 4.20.13 from 5pm till dusk (7:30-ish) at:

  • Katy Trail, near the Icehouse (Brandon Schrader)
  • Bishop Arts, near Eno’s (Elliott Munoz)
  • Taco Fest in Deep Ellum

Then visit the Cycle Style voters page to vote for the person you think deserves to flaunt the title for a year, Tuesday 4.23.13 through Saturday 4.27.13 at high noon. We’ll announce the winners at the after party!

After Party & Awards

Saturday 4.27.13 8pm, 2526 Main St

Taking the fashion show from the streets to the runway, it’s one night of local beer, bikes and ‘best-of’s, announcing the 2013 Face of Biking in Dallas with photos from the Cyclist Census and a fashion show of Dallas’ own.

Join DJ FlightSchoolNurses, the ReGeared spare parts shop, the Durty Laundry DJ van, your favorite local bike shops and all the best folks in Dallas for our Cycle Style show in Deep Ellum. $10 donation at the door gets you drinks all night.

See our Facebook group for all the details as it comes together – & add your vote for which local microbrewery brew we’ll have at the party.

Face of Biking in Dallas 2013 winners will receive:

Spokes of thanks to our 2013 sponsors:

Anvil logo BicyclesPlusLogo RichardsonBikeMartRozikTransitBikeCoDBW_trial1OCBCswitching gearsLightTec

For a look at the evolution of Cycle Style in Dallas, the 2012 census and party and the 2011 census.

You don’t have to be Superhuman to ride a bike as your daily transportation. That’s the idea behind the blog #bikeNYC documenting photos and stories of the variety of New York City cyclists.

Though these photos are of everyday cyclists in NYC, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of these people in Dallas.

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Which gets to my point: Cycle Style is about being yourself in all your normal-person glory.

We at Dallas Cycle Style could care less whether WE would personally rock YOUR style, as much as we appreciate people who avoid pulling out the workout wear just because they’re leaving the car in the garage.

Which reminds me,  the Annual Cyclist Census is coming up in April! More details to come come but this year we’re looking at what makes the Dallas cycling scene unique. We’ll be asking for YOUR nominations of who should be the Face of Biking in Dallas, and highlighting all the home-grown bicycle style we can find.

We’re not all supermodels nor have superhuman commuter capabilities, but we all have our own style. Even you, in the spandex at the coffee shop. Embrace it. We’re all cyclists.

As we gear up for the Cinco de Mayo weekend of sunny afternoons and margaritas, we’re reminiscing about all the fun we had last Saturday. It was SO FUN partying with all our biko friends. Seriously. If you weren’t there….I’m sorry. Just make sure you make it next year – it’ll be even better.

Congrats to Timmy & Christa

The 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas!!!!

They totally deserve it – I see them at just about every bike event!

Runners up: Susan & Sabrina!!!


And of course, a special thank you to our

FAVORITE Cyclist Photographer:

Justin Clemons

All of the photos with Deep Ellum’s Sunburst mural in the background are his. Every single photo of his was great.

Chris Curnutt (with downtown in the background and a few Exposition Park shots) and Chris Arrant (with the Bishop Arts brick wall as the backdrop) were runners up. Thanks to all the photographers who came out. So many good photos this year!!!

The Cycle Style fashion event was a big hit, with the models from Wildflower Management styled out by our home-grown prof. stylists Brittany Winter, Tara Tonini, Arialla Villa, and Amy K Hayes and bikes from Oak Cliff Bicycle Co (those hanging from the ceiling are both for sale), Holly J and Ean P, and Transit Bikes.

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Thanks again to all our generous sponsors.

Kelly with Railean for the rum and tequila tasting, Transit Bikes and Rozik EveryWear for sponsoring the Deep Ellum and Franconia kegs, and Richardson Bike Mart, Oak Cliff Bicycle Co, Linus, Repotted, CocoAndre Chocolatier and Light Tec for donating cool prizes for all our winners.

Thanks to Regeared also for making cool things from used bike parts and selling them at the show. Rachel & Laura, we all love what you two are doing.

Last but not least! Pedal Power skillfully handled the bike valet for those of you who pedaled up in style. And we’re proud to present them with the proceeds from the event! These folks selflessly help donate used bikes to those in need. Stayed tuned for the where & when of our check-presentation to the folks who run Pedal Power. Thanks for all of your support!!!

Kelly, the 2011 Face of Biking in Dallas

We’re down to the last few hours to vote for the 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas, by noon today. Then come to the Cycle Style after party in Deep Ellum.

9pm to midnight, $10 entry, bicycle valet. Complimentary beer from local Deep Ellum Brewery and Franconia Brewery and complimentary Texas-made Railean tequila/rum tastings starting at 9pm.

Proceeds benefit Pedal Power, our local bicycle charity that provides used bikes to those in need.

At 10pm, Dallas’ first ever bicycle fashion show featuring Wallflower models styled by Brittany Winter, Amy K Hays, Ariella Villa, and Tara Tonini. Plus, we’ll reveal the winner of the 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas.

Whatever your style, get on a bike. The more of us on the road, the safer we all are. Come celebrate another year of biking in Dallas with us.

Thanks to our sponsors:

We just looked through all the photos from yesterday’s Cyclist Census and are blown away at all the great shots! So many of our friends and lots of complete strangers to us had their photos taken – we laughed and cried…. (no we didn’t really cry.) We had some really great photographers shooting this year.

So a big thank you to our photographers who spent their Saturday with all of you. And a big thank you to all the cyclists who either took the afternoon to take a photo (or visit multiple photographers in some cases) or got caught by a photographer and agreed to let them take a photo. It’s so cool to see this single-day snapshot of the types of folks who cycle in Dallas!

We especially apologize to those of you who came out to a photo location to find no photographer. As frustrating as it was for you (and us!) please forgive us, life happens. Extenuating circumstances stand in the way of perfection and greatness sometimes. We’re working to mitigate this issue in the future.

Here are a few of the highlights for you while we’re uploading the rest. Voting starts Wednesday a.m.

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April 21st 10am – 2pm  all over Dallas

Come be counted in the 2012 Dallas Cyclist Census and be entered in the running for the people’s choice Face of Biking in Dallas! Photographers will be stationed around Dallas taking photos of cyclists.

Winner gets cool swag from Linus, Richardson Bike Mart, Transit Bikes, Oak Cliff Bicycle Co and more. Not to mention bragging rights.

Saturday April 28th 9pm-Midnite –  Continental Lofts Gallery 3311 Elm.

Fashion party and announcing the winners of the people’s choice 2012 Face of Biking in Dallas and judge’s choice Favorite Cyclist Photographer. Arriving by bicicleta encouraged –  the party’s just east of the Baylor DART Station in Deep Ellum, free Bicycle Valet available.

All benefiting Pedal Power – our local bicycle charity that provides used bikes for transportation and commerce to those in need.

$10 entry includes Rum and Blue Agave tasting with Railean Distillery (Blue Agave would be called tequila if it were made in Tequila, Mexico – but it’s MADE IN TEXAS!) and Deep Ellum Brewery beer.

See all the Cyclist Census photos on display and be inspired by runway-ready fashion that you might never have thought you’d see on a cyclist!

Kelly, the 2011 Face of Biking in Dallas

Whether you like to bike to the grocery store in dresses or spandex shorts is your call – we want to see all of you flaunting your personal cycle style because, simply put, the more of us bicycling on the road the safer we all are. So get dolled-up, pump your bike, and bring a friend to be counted in the April 21st census. Then come celebrate and feast your eyes on fancy bikes and runway fashion.

Keep updated with emails from the Cycle Style blog or join the Dallas Cycle Style Facebook Group to get the latest updates on the winners’ prizes and event info.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the 2011 Census. We’re looking forward to capturing photos of even more Dallas cyclists this year and seeing who steals the show!

The cat’s pretty much out of the bag. Remember all the photos from the Cyclist Census back in April? And the lawn movie, the Texas Theatre, the photo exhibit, and the bike polo, and….

We’re doing it again in 2012, only we’re revamping the plan.

Cyclist Census: check

“Face of Biking in Dallas” mad online voting competition: check

Blowout party with bicycle fashion: check

We’re accepting sponsors now.  Get more details and check out the sponsor options.

We participated in Bike to City Hall day this morning.  Individuals rode in from different parts of Dallas, and groups of people rode in with organzied (and safer) rides with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff  and Bike Friendly Knox Henderson.  Union Station was the meeting point.

Once we gathered at Union Station,  we all went as a big group  at 8:00 am to the front of City Hall for a press conference of sorts where Mayor Rawlings, Council members Delia Jasso and Scott Griggs, and Max the “Bike Czar” (great unofficial title!) discussed the continuing efforts to implement the recently approved Bike plan.  All road work that is done on streets identified in the Bike Plan will have to implement the approved changes.  So, if a road is getting re-striped, the workers will have to stripe the new bike lane or sharrows too.  If it’s being repaved, they might have to also expand to include a cycle track.    Over the next few years we should see an increase in bike infrastructure which not only improves quality of life (as we bikers know) but is also beneficial in reducing smog, congestion, and parking problems.

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and Knox Henderson were both recognized for their efforts on behalf of biking in Dallas, and Amanda Popken was recognized for helping organize Bike to City Hall Day.  It was a very fun way to start the day, with great exercise and wonderful people celebrating getting things done.  Now all I want some is some big breakfast tacos.

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With inspiration from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, visually embracing how urban cycling and style converge in our everyday lives, we began Dallas Cycle Style to promote Dallas cyclists flaunting their style.
Dallas has it's own unique urban culture, with it's funky southern flair, traditional values, obsession with fashion, and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that's made this region great.
Follow our biking adventures and tell us about yours. We'd love to highlight all the great people cycling in our city but we can't be everywhere at once. Hope to meet you soon.

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