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Yesterday’s Tour de Taco ride was off to a great start – we talked with a few riders before they took off.

Brandi brought her pup along on the bike leash (how cool!) When everyone was getting turned around and lined up for take-off, the dog was barking like “let’s get going already! What’s the hold up!  We’re ready!” Ha!

Luis brought his trust old bike along for the ride – he thought his was the oldest neglected little ride till he saw mine!  Thanks.  My fave part of Luis’s get-up is the piggie light on the handlebars.

Norma’s everyday road bike was incapacitated so she rode her racing bike with toe clip shoes – and a hot little pink skirt! She’s ridden the Hotter Than Hell ride the past 3 years, and bought 3 cool old road bikes on craigslist in the last month!

The party bike! These folks got a nice set-up,  with two side-seated bikes attached inline. Impressive ingenuity and serious chillin style.

Brandon and his trusty steed. (I apologize Brandon, not the best photo ever.) Love the colors though. And how he seems to be making this orange line on the sidewalk!

Jeff brought out his touring bike. He once biked just about the entire coast of California. Check out the fancy gear shifters at the end of the handlebars.

Karen was really feeling the lime green! She fell in love with this bike at “Bamboo” so when she saw one for sale on Craigslist she couldn’t resist. Living in Deep Ellum she gets to ride it around a lot.

Meredith borrowed the bike and helmet from her neighbor so she could join her friends on the ride. So glad you could make it, Meredith! I hope we get to meet the owner some day – anyone with streamers and a matching helmet has some seriously playful style.

Dang it I’m so bad with names.  These chicks have serious style.  I wish you could see the fringe leather bag that matches the moccasins. And yes, we’re still enjoying our Christmas decor too.


Two commuters even brought their decked-out folding bikes!!

Fun tights always complete a cycling outfit.  Especially when it’s a bit nippy out. What great fabric on her bike bag too!

Joe rides hundreds of miles a year. All ages of cyclists came out for the ride – and all riding levels too. (Except the real young’ens I guess. There was one young man with his dad on a sweet tandem-with-kids-bike-attachment. Hope to see them next time and snap a photo.)

It was such a gorgeous day.  Great turnout. Thanks for organizing, Paul!

Napoleon's in shorts on a bike.Look at that swagger, that stance, those shorts! A shirt for bi-pedaling urban conquerors, no doubt. If you’ve never looked at Headline Shirts, you know they have some crazy shit. They’re giving away this $20 shirt for $5, today only, for you and only you (okay, you and anyone else with the checkout code 242BDAY) in celebration of Napoleon’s 242nd birthday.

We’re giving one away for free.

Email us your Napoleon Cyclist impression photo by Friday the 19th, and we’ll send the winner a shirt. It’s that easy! We’ll try to keep our Napoleon complex at bay. Email jpgs to

This could be you



Yes, we’re broaching this controversial topic.

I personally feel strongly that education and infrastructure go much further than a dome of foam could…it’s complicated. This discussion is far from over…and may not be for a while, but here’s adding to the “helmet not necessary” side.

TEDxCopenhagen’s The Good Life presentation by Mikael Colville-Andersen on Bike Helmets and the Culture of Fear

I didn’t watch the Tour de France.  I felt like I should have.  So I found a video of the highlights – the funniest most bizarre moments.  Now, that’s my kinda race!



Biking in jeans?  Yes.

Dallas is slowly becoming a bike friendly city – watch out!

Yes, there are some big bikeable things going on in Dallas:

We have a thoroughly modernized bike plan  – with the City Council’s official stamp of approval on May 8th.

A newly formed Bike Friendly Dallas group and at least 5 neighborhood Bike Friendly groups are keeping an on our Bike Plan’s progress, and leading themed group rides, encouraging new riders to dust off their old bikes.

Four active Friends of the Trail groups continue improving trails, connecting our in-town neighborhoods with each other (the Katy Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the White Rock Creek Trail, and the Trinity Strand Trail)

And the city’s first bike lanes are coming in on Bishop Ave in North Oak Cliff – the construction’s just kicking-off now.

It’s kind of exciting – like deciding you’re getting a dog.  You just know it’s going to be great, even though you don’t have the dog yet.  We don’t yet have all the things that would make this a truly remarkable city to bike in, but we’re getting excited about the possibilities. And starting to explore our bike routes to work.

Can you see the dog? Yeah, the dog's riding too. And Dad's smokin a pipe.

Alright, start planning your route! Here are your 7 opportunities to get a sweet photo of you and your beloved bike. Make time this Saturday April 9th between 12 & 3pm to represent your biking style and tell us what you love about cycling. We want to see all our Dallas cyclists – young and old, pros and newbies. Come be counted!

North Dallas (Valley View Park – NE corner of 635 and Hillcrest)
North Oak Cliff (Bishop Arts District – at Bishop and 7th)
Downtown (Pegasus Plaza and Main & Akard)
Deep Ellum (Main at Walton between the taco joint and the coffee shoppe)
Uptown (Transit Bicycle Co)
Knox-Henderson (Beauty Bar – Henderson near Greenville)
Park Cities (Bicycles Plus in Snider Plaza at Lovers and Hillcrest)

Special thanks to our rockin talented photographers:
Andrea Roberts, Elliott Muñoz, Jarrod Fresquez, Nathan Schroder, Chris Curnutt, Casey Colvin, and Stevan Koye.

Dust off your bike and join the revolution! Bikes all over the city!  A whole week of ways for you to show your biking love in Dallas (and celebrate our newly updated Bicycle Master Plan!)

Represent your cycling style at our first ever Cyclist Census, see some great shots of biking in Dallas on display at Eno’s, come for happy hour at the Texas Theatre and see old classic “The Bicycle Thief”, vote for your favorite cyclist to be our Face of Biking in Dallas, race around town to win the Spring Poloride photo scavenger hunt, relax at Main Street Gardens watching “Peewee’s Big Adventure” on the lawn, then end the week learning to play Bike Polo and watching (or competing in!) the tournament.

It’s an action-packed week of bicycle love just for you, Dallas.

With inspiration from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, visually embracing how urban cycling and style converge in our everyday lives, we began Dallas Cycle Style to promote Dallas cyclists flaunting their style.
Dallas has it's own unique urban culture, with it's funky southern flair, traditional values, obsession with fashion, and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that's made this region great.
Follow our biking adventures and tell us about yours. We'd love to highlight all the great people cycling in our city but we can't be everywhere at once. Hope to meet you soon.

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