Dallas is slowly becoming a bike friendly city – watch out!

Yes, there are some big bikeable things going on in Dallas:

We have a thoroughly modernized bike plan  – with the City Council’s official stamp of approval on May 8th.

A newly formed Bike Friendly Dallas group and at least 5 neighborhood Bike Friendly groups are keeping an on our Bike Plan’s progress, and leading themed group rides, encouraging new riders to dust off their old bikes.

Four active Friends of the Trail groups continue improving trails, connecting our in-town neighborhoods with each other (the Katy Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the White Rock Creek Trail, and the Trinity Strand Trail)

And the city’s first bike lanes are coming in on Bishop Ave in North Oak Cliff – the construction’s just kicking-off now.

It’s kind of exciting – like deciding you’re getting a dog.  You just know it’s going to be great, even though you don’t have the dog yet.  We don’t yet have all the things that would make this a truly remarkable city to bike in, but we’re getting excited about the possibilities. And starting to explore our bike routes to work.

Can you see the dog? Yeah, the dog's riding too. And Dad's smokin a pipe.