You don’t have to be Superhuman to ride a bike as your daily transportation. That’s the idea behind the blog #bikeNYC documenting photos and stories of the variety of New York City cyclists.

Though these photos are of everyday cyclists in NYC, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of these people in Dallas.

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Which gets to my point: Cycle Style is about being yourself in all your normal-person glory.

We at Dallas Cycle Style could care less whether WE would personally rock YOUR style, as much as we appreciate people who avoid pulling out the workout wear just because they’re leaving the car in the garage.

Which reminds me,  the Annual Cyclist Census is coming up in April! More details to come come but this year we’re looking at what makes the Dallas cycling scene unique. We’ll be asking for YOUR nominations of who should be the Face of Biking in Dallas, and highlighting all the home-grown bicycle style we can find.

We’re not all supermodels nor have superhuman commuter capabilities, but we all have our own style. Even you, in the spandex at the coffee shop. Embrace it. We’re all cyclists.