From the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff blog….. We’re co-hosting a ride from Main St Garden to KXT’s fantastic Summer Cut concert in Fair Park this Friday the 1st. Join us in your coolest summer-esque attire. Details below on discount tickets too!

Headlining the KXT 91.7 music festival are the Flaming Lips. Now when the Lips went to Portland to shoot their latest video they called upon cyclist to ride nekked and carry lead singer Wayne Coyne in his giant plastic bubble. I’ve edited a picture so you cant see the pit hair and dreadlocks of these north-westerners.

Wayne Coyen riding a wave a hippy cyclist.

Dallas has more style than that. We like our rides sexy, but accessible to all riders no matter the condition of their posteriors. So, in conjunction with Dallas Cycle Style we will be riding from Main Street Garden to Fair Park in bikins, boy shorts, banana hammocks, 1920’s wool swim trunks or whatever you might don for a beach party.

If you have never been to a Lips concert make sure to head by the general store and stuff your pockets with inflatable beach balls, water guns and balloons. Oh yeah and if you want a reserved seat, we got the hook-up. No annoying service charges if you ride a bike to the event! Thank you KXT, be sure to donate for their summer sponsorship drive here. It only takes a minute and you are helping to support the only station in North Texas that plays local alternative music!

Maybe Owne Wilson will show-up? Kate likely will not!!


6PM Downtown Main Street Garden. We will splash around in the fountain and leave by 6:15 for Fair Park.

After show, 10PM or so meet where we parked our bikes and head back to Downtown.


Buy a cheap lawn seat for $20 or use this KXT F&F Order Form to receive a discount on sweet reserved seating. A couple steps to this process…email to get another email to then send the form to another email. Sorry bout that. You can also get four friends together and get a sweet deal!