Jonny commutes every day by bicycle from his North Oak Cliff house to his Bishop Arts yoga studio, Tranquilo, but today I spied his two gorgeous daughters in tow too. So pretty!!

We may not see as many people cycling around Dallas in super stylish outfits as we might see in other major cities, (ahem! Copenhagen) but we still have a lot of very cool cyclists to celebrate.  These people hop on their bikes and GO.  They do it in their way in their everyday clothes as part of their every day life, and we want to celebrate that.  If you see someone embracing the cycling lifestyle, hollar at them “Hey!  You on the Bike!  Can I take your photo?!”  and send those pics in to us.  I guarantee you they’ll be complimented.  Here’s a couple I snapped today outside of my shop, Salvage House Btq, in North Oak Cliff.

Casual and styling, with his layered collars, creamy sunglasses, and high rolled skinny jeans, I had to run out of the house and yell for him to come back because this guy was zooming down Melba on his bike FAST.