It’s been cold this week.  If you’re like me and really cherished time spent poolside during our long hot summer, this cold-weather thing came all at once a little abruptly. I’m still pulling out my winter-wear and it’s been below freezing for 3 nights already.

SO in the spirit of fun winter fashion and gearing up for our Chic Boutique Ride coming up this Sunday, here is some winter biking inspiration for us all.

Granted, we most likely won’t have snow Sunday, but it’s highly likely we will see snow sometime this winter (given how cold things have started out I’d say we’ll see plenty of snow…yes, that was a  a 20% chance of snow Tuesday night)  You can’t say it isn’t possible to bike in the snow, getting your everyday things done in a very functional outfit. (Colored tights!)

Hopefully it won’t get this extreme in Dallas.

But if it did, and you were caught out in it, you would have the satisfaction of knowing you aren’t the only one to endure the elements this way.  There are many thousands of stylish people around the world riding their bikes through much harsher winters, and there are indeed a small number of people in Dallas who do not own a car, whose only mode of transportation (by necessity and choice) is walking or biking.  Even on snow-days. Just ponder that…

In fact, winter biking isn’t that bad.  You build up quite a lot of body heat under those layers. The key is to watch the weather so you’re prepared and wear layers easy to remove or add so you stay comfortable. On that note, here are some stylish winter cyclists spotted in Copenhagen (the bike capital of the world) from the blog


This gentleman has some stunning class.

With some good gloves, a hat and a scarf, I’d say the best part of winter biking is getting to wear so many layers. It’s a refreshing change from having to bike around half-naked all summer to stay cool. Send us photos of you and your friends winter biking.  We’d love to see how you’re handling it with unabashed style and warmth.